Hello Parents , Teachers , Educationists and Bloggers ,
                                             Its really amzing to see you all here as our concern and goals are same whatsoever ,may be we differ in our approaches towards a healthy childhood.
                          I just want you all to share your stuff , your resaerches, your pictures ,and your Activities with us .I make sure that this blog serves the porpose of AWARENESS COMPAIGN about LEARNING, FREE PLAY, OUTDOORS and everything related to healthychildhood .
                  Soon we 'll start a world wide activity of " I BELONG TO" section,WHICH DEALS WITH each specific country as you people share yr cultural and national photos and stories with us .
Its just like a CONTINENT BAG ,which we use in our MONTESSORI classes to learn about the geography of the world .
       You can even send us a bag of items and photos of yr country so that we can share with each other 's classrooms..I think this is the best way of learning about other continents, countries, mountains, rivers, oceans, people and their lives. Children need Hands -on activities ..to learn,,books at this early stage should not be the only source ....
   I hope we all can make a wonderfull planet with our little efforts....thanx.
                                                   Erum Kamran.



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