AUTUMN TREE MAKING WITH PLAYDOUGH

I brought some Fresh Autumn flowers in the class just to give my students a messege that they are part of our beautiful life. Yellow is the perfect color I got.

So I got some Orange dried leaves .

I prepared my own Home-made PLAYDOUGH (using flour, cocoa powder, chocolate essence and few coriender pops) knead it waith water. My  children loved it every time I made it.

The Green PLAYDOUGH was made by adding Green Food colour and some cinamon powder to add the AUTUMN AROMA.

When we distributed the chocolate Playdough ,you know what was  the first reaction? Everybody smelled it and then an applause of appreciation and wonderness filled my classroom,"wow,what a chocolaty smell", "oh, it is so soft", "it looks beautiful with a chocolaty brown color", "it is not sticky, its wonderful".....
Montessori children always 'sense' stuff using all their senses, they are trained in that way right from their infancy.

So as soon as they got their pieces ,they started Rolling ,and rolling and rolling .

He just fnished his Autumn tree ,now putting the dried leaves on them, enjoying every piece of leaf.

She seems to be looking for the right LEAF for her Autumn tree.
YOU can see the immense concentration.
Although it looks like a normal Playdough work,( strengthening children's Fine - Motor Skills) , but actually when they were selecting the leaves ,they were estimating the Ground-figure Relationship, estimating the sizes of leaves to fit it on the tree, getting the mental maths (counting unconsciously), and many more, so Never underestimate a Play full activity ,as Play is the real LEARNING.
  The 'matter of choice' matters most for the kids ,and they are just wonderful in sorting out.
After they made their trees, they were writing their names on it, I know children LOVE OWNERSHIP....and only when the SENSE OF OWNERSHIP is strengthened ,they can get the idea of SHARING, not before that.
She was searching for the best piece .
 Even the tiniest one in my class wondered the experience .Concentration cannot be taught to children, its in their SOULS, we need to provide a FERTILE environment.
She wanted to give some extra touch ,cause creative minds always looks for the best options.
 And thats the end of our AUTUMN CELEBRATION.......FOR THAT DAY ATLEAST.
All my children took it home wrapped in a plastic bag, and everyone was saying, "Miss Erum, we will play with our Autumn tree and show it to our moms".


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