OUR SWEET PLAYDOUGH SHOP IN THE GARDEN

My children love to play with Playdough ,even I, and sometimes we just hop out in our garden , arrange few tables and start making cupcakes, Muffins, choco bites, and colourful lollypops ,and you know what, this time we invited the whole EARLY CHILDHOOD DEPARTMENT to visit our Sweet Playdough Shop ...

We have lots of shapes , rolling pins and off course  toothpicks for lollypops, crushed wrappers for chocobites and cute tiny bases for the cupcakes...it was  upto them what they like to choose and make .

So everyone was involved in a manner that seems to me as a serious 'buisness launching strategy'...kids are amazing, they take everything seriously and plan accordingly..what more we can teach them about LIFE....?

This girl was concentrating on her Rolling dough ,developing her fine-motor skills to its max....no need of pencils ..dear...
Creativity sprouts when children are  free to do what they love..I was amazed by the innovative designs of  cupcakes and lollipops......I bet your 'CANDYSHOP' must be looking for some NEW ideas for their Autumn tray ...TRY this!

This boy came up with a duckling Lollypop ..I just couldnt wait to have one...yummy!

And she was about to finish her most HIT candy .....wow

Tuttifrutti cupcakes, and lollypops were ready , its time for other cllasses to visit us and buy some real GOODIE stuff..............

This child who rarely speaks is the most creative of all...everyday he comes up with something amazing whenever we are OUTDOORS,   as if talents pops up in the natural environment.
Fairytales not only exist in a child's mind but in a heart of an adult too....I love Lollypops...

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