Nature Table Of Autumn

                                                        CHILDREN LOVE NATURE

Last week i arranged my Nature table in the classroom, things which we collected from the garden, Seashore, and superstore.....after entering the room, children atonce noticed it and gathered around themselves and started discussing each and every stuff in detail....The excitemnet, the curiosity , the wondernes they showed was just amazing ......its all in their SOULS.....already .

I picked some Dried fruits also which is easily available in Autumn , like figs, dried dates, and few plums, so they were tasting .....and wondering how foods are different in the FALL season.

They enjoyed every single stuff, touching ,feeling, tasting, hearing the crushing sounds of Dried leaves, and seeing the different Hues of nature.
they keep on discovering....
Autumn grass, broken shells, autumn coloured dried garden stuff, figs, plums and dried dates and sunflower seeds.
dried and colourful
 broken n beautiful sea shells

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