“Our care of the child should be governed, not by the desire to make him learn things, but by the endeavor always to keep burning within him that light which is called intelligence.” 
― Maria Montessori


All my children were excited after I announced that I brought a rock that they have never seen before. Someone shouted," O, really!', another smiled and said,"Which color?'...and then you can imagine how I was been bombarded by questions....which compelled me to believe that kids have better questions than me.

That was our usual Circle time when they are free to express themselves, explore ideas and connect with each other. I brought my Wooden tray and presented that special Rock. Everyone was curious to get a look,  they knew how we all took turns, so there is no chaos but yes everyone was super's natural!

One of  my 3 year walked to our Nature Table and brought the Magnifying glass, as Montessori children are always aware of tools and their proper usage. So I handed over the piece of rock to the child sitting on my right , he started Observing:  moved the rock, and explored it from every angle.

Children are terrific Scientific Observers

What I discovered as a teacher is that every child has it's own way of exploring, experimenting and perceiving things, and that is unique to him, which cannot be forced upon every other child...This is called individual's unique way of learning and grasping things.

After we explored the color, texture, and other characteristics of that specific rock which was a piece of Granite, children decided to put it in the water to see any affect which can be appeared.

After the discovery that Granite sink in the water, few children brought other objects and started testing if they float or sink. 
One child came up with a pencil," I want to see if this pencil will float or sink?'
Other explained, "smaller pencils will float and big ones will sink"..And these kids kept exploring objects from pencil to a piece of plastic pearl.

As Montessori children are always aware of classifications and characteristics , one of them brought few pieces of paper to create paper tags. So as they kept testing the objects one by one and putting the it under each category of Sink or Float.

                                        Exploration goes on.....

These are my lovelies, my LITTLE EXPLORER, they can experiment whatever they want..I gave them this courage.

What children need is not a Science Lab, or strict regime, all they need is your love, sense of trust , and then they can do WONDERS..................

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