NATURE WALK BRINGS FAIRY LAND ADVENTURE...
                                                      MAKING FLOWER NECKLACE

Nermeen and her friend are always ready for a Nature walk.
It was a rainy day I was also excited so Nermeen called her friend, and she joined us near the Neighboring Park.

Nermeen loves to explore the little garden area with lots of flowers, she kept moving with her basket from flower to flower.

She started picking flowers which fell down on the ground and asked me if she could also pick from the plants.I told her, sometimes if we really wish to pick few, we can but not always.

                                    They talked about their different colors, shades and shapes. They talked about the                                         shades of pink and relating it to some other objects .
                                        So we got few beautiful ones, and put them in the blue basket.

They arranged the flowers on a piece of white cotton and and were excited to discover their colors and textures.

'I want to a make a Necklace, can I?" Nermeen asked me in a cute requesting tone. I liked her creative idea and we started making few Designer-made Jewelry.
They realized it needed a plastic wire or thread to create a necklace, Nermeen got it from her mom. I showed them how to thread a needle, they practiced until they got the mastery.
  Now the question is how to arrange the flowers on the thread, they brainstormed and started matching the flowers with each other ,making patterns and analyzing different combinations. Finally they used the needle very carefully all by themselves.

And while making it, they were appreciating each other's work, thoughtfully exchanging new ideas, developing new patterns and finally came up with their original works.

They discovered that the necklace couldn't be fixed by themselve, so they helped each other
(I was a silent observer, noticing how they discover things, explore new ideas and solve problems without any adult interference)

Her friend was happy to get the beautiful necklace all made up of multi-color leaves 

                                           Her friend helped her by making a neat knot at the end.
                                           (estimating the length of a thread  that is required to make a perfect knot,                                                       keeping in view the Locket size and its perfect length hanging from the neck)

                                          Out of many Necklace they loved the Leaf Necklace

Leaf Necklace was special , it was decorated with small red pearls which has given it a perfect Designer touch.
 Learning happens when a child finds a real life connection with the skill learned . It has to be initiated with the key developmental milestones in the mind.
Skills developed;
1. fine motor /Gross motor skill
2. Color identification / differentiation
3. Simple Sewing
4. Sense of Estimation
5. Creativity
6. problem solving
Please add more 

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