The Dog House made last week was one of my student's idea and then we started with the cutting, shaping and pasting of cardboard pieces ....

They all took part and without any instructions of mine, they themselves sorted out their jobs,,children are born Managers....

Within no time, they started taking turns to get into the House to see the world Differently.

 Its time then to Paint the whole Dog's house with light purple and each of the children got some stuff to paint ;brushes, sponges ,,,,

So everyone played their part of CREATIVITY and their own specific and individual style.

She was not satidfied with any medium, so she used her hands for the painting ......true artist.

Now its ready, so lets put the Tag .......................its wonderful to name any thing, children enjoy this TAGGING thing.

and now its somebody else turn to be in the house .


  1. Love it Erum, it is a joy to see the children so engaged & working so well as a team. I am really enjoying your blog, thanks so much for joining in the link up. Kierna

  2. Thanks dear for the appreciation and providing e motivation to carry on.What i' discovering right now are simply amazing facts about children. They learn what their nature demand the to and not what we plan to teach them.
    Secondly children possess so many inborn qualities which we think we are teaching them ,but contarary its just the opposite. Recently i discovered their inborn talent of Scientic oservation, following scintific method while observing,natural curiosity towards discovery and amazing capacity of Mnagerial skills .
    I really love yr blog, yr page and respect u for what u people are doing to change teh PERCEPTION of the world regarding LEARNING and education....KEEP going ,we are on the same boat