The whole universe is MUSICAL in nature
 Rumi's messege is enough for us to know the Universe .

                                            EVERY THING IS MUSIC FOR A CHILD

It was started as our usual SAND PLAY time, when all my students started playing with the sand toys. Whenever I see them in the sand, I witness amazing things happening around, they all dive into  a diffrent world of Imagination and Creativity.
 And while playing , one of my student shouted, "Miss Erum, please come here ,you know, I can make different Sounds out of that broken Rake ,look its amazing ,hey listen come here you all". That was a Ah - ha moment for that child but I was equally sharing her feelings .Children are creative beings ,nothing is impossible for them , she discovered something which cannot be taught.
Oh no, many  children gathered to witness her RAKE SOUND SYSTEM, a group announced loudly, "look at us, we are actually making the music with our rakes,taa taa tata ".
Another group of my LITTLE MUSICIANS were busy in their unique discovery; one of them was showing how his sand toy touched the stone and made the rocky music . I was speechless!
While some were discovering the Music in nature ,some were busy concentrating on their own ideas .
 look at his calmness and concentration ,nobody was telling him to do so, its in  a child's nature to involve deeply when he plays because for him PLAY IS A WORK.
She was happy with her own play.

Heres came my another Creative artist who was just transfering sand to his bucket. And in doing so he sudenly pour down the sand  ,Bucket upside down and ........

He started drumming the bucket with the spade, witnessing  him, the other child moved towards him with some broken toy piece and started making another tip tap sound and then they continued discovering the Rythm , the balance of two instruments, the contrasting effects.

He loves to discover his own Imaginations .

While everyone was busy making sounds and creating music, she was asking me if i needed some SOUP .....
Here they were trying to make different angles and positions of the Bucket and see the different sounds made by the spade on different corners.

After sensing the musical environemnt, she just left her play and start making her own sound system.

And when all the surrounding was nothing but musical he decided to beat more rythmic and fast beats.

After the drumming session, its natural that he would  dance.

Its natural for some kids to be different and then transform the WHOLE environment .Its discovery, its creativity, its imagination , its the  FREE-PLAY of a child.


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